About the movie

ROLL WITH IT is a music-filled and heartfelt comedy built around southern comedy icon Chonda Pierce, who is beloved for her gut level honesty and pointed humor. If laughter is the best medicine, Chonda’s character Bonnie Taylor could use an extra dose or two. Not only is she dealing with an unexpected demotion at her job at the Biscuit Barrel and a young new boss willing to match her snark-for-snark, she also discovers her house will be on the auction block by month’s end if she can’t come up with $20,000 in back taxes. With her only hope being the grand prize in a karaoke contest, and with the support of her faith, family, and friends that are family, Bonnie must decide if she’s willing to sing for the first time without her late husband by her side to save the home they raised their family in. ROLL WITH IT is a down-home family comedy filled with music, friendship, laughter, and love—and a heaping helping of hope.

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May 9, 11 & 13

Only In Theaters May 9, 11 & 13